Some things thrive in damp climates

This series took it’s inspiration from the micro geography of flower beds and orchards where Ninian Niven worked, as well as the notebooks of Mary Delany credited as being the creator of collage at age 72. Inspired by botanical illustrations from the time, I’ve utilised mesh and grids, due to my fascination with mapping and the
human activities of weaving and fabric making, important industries in Drumcondra in the past. The title is drawn from a comment made by geograpger Ruth Mc Manus while I lamented the Irish weather.
This series formed part of a body of work I created in DCU as part of my artist residency.

Exhibited in Cregan Libray, solo exhibition: River & Ridge

material: two and three colour screen prints on munken 200g paper
dimensions: 29.7 x 42cm

Photography: Brian Cregan

Photograph: Gillian Buckley