Guet N’dar

Saint- Louis, Senegal 

Waaw, Artist Residency

Guet N’Dar is the name in Woolof of the sand bar also know as Langue de Barbarie, in Saint-Louis, Senegal. I spent time there during an artist residency with Waaw.
This area is threathened by coastal erosion and depleting fish stocks and the challenges of competing with industrial fishing trawlers.
This artist book was created during my residency period at Waaw. I carried out a number of social cartography sessions, seeting up a simple table in different sites around the town to get information on the area through drawing exercises.
I spent time with local people in the fishing community and gathered knowledge from the fishermen about their intangible fishing knowledge and methods, local history and the future challenges facing this community.

This residency at Waaw, Saint- Louis, Senegal was supported by the Arts Counil Ireland Travel & Training Fund and my solo exhibition in Galerie Éthiopiques was supported by Culture Ireland.

Guet N’dar
, is the title of the artist book I made during the residency at Saint-Louis.
This book is in response to time spent with the fishing community in the area. 
It is a folding concertina book, with drawing in ink and pigment depicting my impressions of the place and my interactions with the fishermen and members of that community.

dimensions : 300cm x 27cm
material : pigment on paper

Bouger, solo exhibition at Galerie Éthiopiques, Saint-Louis, Sengal 

Images of the local fishing community Guet N’ dar 

Social Cartography workshops with the public in a variety of locations around the town of Saint-Louis. 

Drawing is used as a means to think about and represent the local area with residents knowledge.

Social cartography workshop image.

Social Cartography workshop image, HLM distric, Saint- Louis,

Bouger, exhibition shot, Galerie Éthiopiques, Saint-Louis, Senegal.